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          One of the reasons I love taking photographs is that the discipline forces me to look at my surroundings closely. My subjects are plants, landscapes, architecture, animals, and insects.

          Photography allows me to nail it down for a moment, put time on hold, and get a grip on one frame of one of the myriad storylines occurring instant by instant. A still life of unusual objects, an ancient landscape, or even a school yearbook photo tells a story if you look closely enough.

          Photos chronicle an action occurring and can create or interpret a mood. Most importantly, they pose questions and incite reactions in a viewer's mind. Most of my work begins right there.

          All my photos tell stories, but the story that results may not always be the one I originally intended. As I experiment with lighting, perspective, and point of view, I investigate the story, which is an immensely gratifying experience. Sometimes I enlarge the images to the point of abstraction, where shapes and colors prevail, and the connective tissue threatens to disintegrate. Sometimes I drill in on the details and discover the story hidden in some unexpected micro-space.
         I hope my photographs enable people to appreciate the abundance of amazing colors, textures, shapes, and stories in the world. I have done my job if the photos evoke feelings or remembrance in the viewer, including me.

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