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          The art of collage is about creating a story. It involves the metamorphosis that occurs when scraps of paper, faded photographs, old letters, magazine images, and all manner of ephemera are repurposed to create new realities.
         I like to start with a loosely defined idea and see how it evolves. The idea is refined in the juxtaposition and layering of different images and textures, and the story takes form. It’s not uncommon for the worlds that emerge from this alchemic process to be surreal, bizarre, or whimsical. “Real” or “surreal,” all my collages tell stories.
         The narratives may not be wholly reliable, though. Blink, and the story you thought you were seeing may become something else. Viewers’ first interpretations often slip into a different reality – or surreality – upon a second perusal. Ambiguity prevails.
         It’s always rewarding for me to learn about other people’s interpretations of my artwork. I hope my collages tickle viewers’ imaginations so that they engage with the work and discover not only the big idea but the details – often minor but never incidental.

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